Which personal details are requested: First name, Last name, Company name (optional) Email address, phone number, country, street, additional address information (optional), postcode, city.

Bearecords only requests this information to be able to send your order to you and to communicate with you.

Creating an account is optional and only for your convenience to fill in your customer data with ease, as well as viewing your personal order history.
You will be asked for a username and a password to create this account.

Your account can be edited or can be removed totally by pressing the link on your page

my account

all information will be erased immediately from the webshop and server.

Bearecords has no retaining period for orders without account but there is a retaining period for administrations we have to comply with. These can only be viewed by the owners of Bearecords and their bookkeeper, this administration is no longer linked to any personal account.
For costumers who created an account the personal information will be stored for the period untill you delete your account.

Bearecords will not share personal account information to third parties.

The Bearecords website runs over a secure SSL connection, no data is collected or showing what actions have been done on the website.
Payments of orders are going over the network of the relevant bank institutions.